Comprehensive Career Planning

for academic course selection & career Identification


CICMS is a leading skill training provider and career consultant company, providing career counseling, advancement of skills, knowledge and certification necessary for survival in global working environment. We are focused on improving individual’s personality and enabling them to choose the right career path. The individual can succeed only if he/she follows the path as per their true potential and interest. As a career consultant, aims at helping students & professionals realize their true potential by assessing them on psychometric tests which further helps them arrive at the right career choices. Based on these very choices, they are further assisted in career planning.

With a keen focus on quality education / professional career, we are giving assistance to students and graduates for attaining their desired goals. We work closely to serve students & professionals in fulfilling their academic and career dreams by analyzing their true potential and by providing professional guidance. Our trained and certified career counselors and analysts can assess the child’s interests, personality, and abilities through specialized psychometric tests using which they can recommend a field of study and future career options available in that field.

What is Career Counseling?

To find the right career, there needs to be an understanding of what course to take and whether capabilities match interests. Career counseling ensures the right kind of help to overcome such thinking and to stop students from making such mistakes. Every person has unique characteristics, for everyone has his or her own strengths and weaknesses. The key to identifying these unique qualities is through psychometric tests and counseling.

Career counseling is the effort, guidance, and support provided to students’ starting from class 8 to class 12, so that they are better. We are focused on improving individual’s personality and enabling them to choose the right career path. Individual can succeed only if he/she follows the path as per their true potential and interest.

Career Counseling involves scientifically developed psychometric aptitude tests and personality tests that help a career counselor give the best-suited career advice to the student based on his report. A process that involves much more than taking a test or learning about the selection of careers available. It is a well-defined process through which a student receives information and support so that she/he can make holistic and realistic choices about her/his future in terms of career, further education, and personal goals.


Key Features

  • Career Assessment to explore your Interest, Personality, Values, Skills & Abilities
  • Identify your most suitable Career Path
  • Instant 30 pages comprehensive Career Report
  • Complete Educational & Career Roadmap
  • Detailed Career Analysis with Execution Plan
  • Personal Counseling from our Expert Counselor
  • Bridging Gap between Education and Career

CICMS assists the students/graduates in providing the right advice on a career at the right time. The tool used also is a new age one which will help in bringing out the inner strengths/areas of interest from the candidates.


Our commitment is to deliver Scientific, Measurable, Accurate, Relevant and Timely (SMART) Result for better career planning and for the students to understand their Personalities, Interests and Aptitude levels for achieving success while enjoying their career. Using accurate scientific career assessment solutions, CICMS’s team of skilled career analysts, provides customized, individual career counseling and guidance to students and their parents.

Awareness Program for Career Management and Planning

Comprehensive Career Assessment for Students and Professionals

Career Suitability / Subject Selection / Engineering Stream Selector

Career Guidance and Counseling for Students and Professionals

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