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CICMS is a leading skill development and education company in Kerala, providing career counseling, advancement of skills, knowledge, and certification necessary for survival in the global working environment. 

As a career-oriented skill training provider and career consultant, we address the needs of both aspirants and the industry. We are mandated to impact the aspirants’ lives, socially through their personal development and transforming their lifestyle. We provide innovative, effective & integrated guidance, training, and research opportunities for people who need new skills and technologies to enjoy the dignity that comes with employment, independence, and self-reliance.

Also as a career consultant, we aim at helping students & professionals realize their true potential by assessing them on psychometric tests which further help them arrive at the right career choices. Based on these very choices, they are further assisted in career planning. With a keen focus on quality education / professional career, we are giving assistance to students and graduates for attaining their desired goals. We work closely to serve students & professionals in fulfilling their academic and career dreams by analyzing their true potential and by providing professional guidance.


Collaborations & Partners

BECIL Training Division
NSDC Skill Centre
CAPT Multimedia Academy
SAP Member Student Academy
Tally Institute of Learning
Wayline Management
Explore Education
Ribaz Group of Institutions
Proximo Skills
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