CICMS is a leading career-oriented training Institution and Education & Skill Development Company with a vision to provide innovative, effective and integrated training opportunities for people who need new skills to enjoy the dignity that comes with employment, independence, and self-reliance.



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CICMS is a leading career-oriented training institute and skill development consultant with years of experience, affiliated to Government Enterprises & authorized training partner of different corporate trainers. CICMS is seeking to become a progressively viable, self-sustain consultant, dedicated to the advancement of attitude, skills, and knowledge necessary for the survival in the global working environment. CICMS is mandated to impact on the aspirants’ lives, socially through their personal development and transforming their lifestyle.

By acting as skill development consultant, we aim to scale down the mist of high levels of unemployment. Through this programme, the CICMS aims to address two main priorities, i.e. the need to improve skills and increase productivity in order to compete successfully in the global economy, and the need to reverse apartheid imbalances and to create a more inclusive and cohesive society.

The management and distinguished faculty of CICMS are committed to expanding the Institute’s curriculum for the skill development, to stay current with industry trends and changes in technology. Our courses expose students to the methodologies by which excellence can be professionally achieved. Through discussions and lectures, the tools will be taught in the context of how they are actually used within a production environment. Students are guided in focusing their skills on communication, design, complexity, problem solving, personality development and management skills. CICMS has proven a track record of placing its students in the best of organizations. Emphasis is placed on creating a professional quality portfolio following industry standards. Upon completion of the course, the student is ready to enter the workforce in a number of positions.

Our Endeavour has always been to bring the best in training to our learners. We do not rest on our laurels because we believe the teaching-learning context is dynamic and the needs of the learners are constantly changing. The social, economic and cultural influence on education is undeniable. Therefore what was applicable a decade ago in education has undergone a huge change. We are constantly upgrading its programs based on the demands of the 21st-century classroom.

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