Certification Verification Portal

Certificate Verification Request

Certificate Verification Portal

Welcome to our Certificate Verification Portal! This platform is designed to help verify the authenticity of the certificates issued by our skill training company. Each certificate issued by us is embedded with a unique QR code that directly links to this verification page.

Verification Process

To verify a certificate, please follow these steps:

  1. Enter Certificate Details:

    • Scan or manually enter the unique QR code from the certificate.
    • Fill in the required certificate details, including the certificate No, learner’s name, and any other requested information.
  2. Enter Enquirer Details:

    • Provide your contact information, including your name, email address, and contact number for verification purposes.
  3. Submit Verification Request:

    • Click ‘Submit’ to send the verification request to our academic team.

Verification Timeline

Once the verification request is submitted, our dedicated academic team will diligently review the provided details within 24 hours.

Verification Results

Upon completion of the verification process, the enquirer will receive an email containing the certificate’s verification status and details. Please ensure that the provided contact information is accurate to receive the verification results promptly.

    [email* your-message "Certificate ID: [certificate-id] \nLearner's Name: [learners-name] \nIssued Date: [issued-date] \n\nSubmitted By: \nName: [your-name] \nEmail: [your-email]"]

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